Food delivering robots in DC, crafted by Starship Technologies, will expand its current business fleet to accommodate for more sectors in the region.  DC Councilmembers approved of Starship’s expansion for larger production of their delivery system, which partners with DoorDash and Postmates, to deliver to more sectors in DC. The company is looking to target areas such as the Business District, Montgomery and Prince George counties, as well as the National Harbor. Read more at the Washington Business Journal.



Local business improvement districts in Washington DC will see a boom, particularly with the opening of Dupont Circle. Emphasizing half of their budget on landscaping and place management, the newest BID for the DC area hopes to improve the area for retail and restaurant life between Districts 1-8. This new initiative will promote businesses of all sizes with cheaper rent and collection of finances. Read more at BisNow.



Coworking company WeWork will expand to the DC area, offering entrepreneurs a workspace for $400 a month. Having relaunched in 2016, WeWork Labs offers a shared space for employers and employees. They are also seeking to expand their workspace to Georgetown University to offer more services for the area, including Chinatown. Read more at DC.