Susan Meitner

Susan Meitner Centennial Lending Group

President and CEO
Centennial Lending Group, LLC
Location: Maple Glen, PA
Founded: 2010
Industry: Financial services

Centennial Lending Group, LLC says it is dedicated to providing its clients with the highest level of service, but it doesn’t just reserve that level of dedication for its clients. In fact, Centennial Lending Group takes a similar approach to its employees, with the understanding that offering a diverse work culture, flexible schedules and top=tier benefits employees allows them to do their best work. “We believe in being authentic and compassionate. By providing great service with a smile, we make sure our employees enjoy the work they are doing and feel the warmth of a family environment,” says president and CEO Susan Meitner. Fun is part of the equation too, says Meitner. The company holds quarterly off-site activities like a recent trip to an escape room, and created a holiday video as a team, showcasing its culture.

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