Sunny Beth White

Founder and CEO
Xavier Creative House, LLC
Location: Warwick, PA
Founded: 2013
Industry: Healthcare marketing

Sunny Beth White founded Xavier Creative House, LLC to bring affordable brand design and promotion to startups, women-owned business and nonprofits. She chose these underserved companies as her target client because they connected her to her personal roots. White has long been a supporter of women-owned businesses, helping to launch three other companies, and has been engaged with nonprofits as a volunteer, donor and committee member. Outside of the work Xavier Creative House does, White gives back mentoring young women. She helped one young woman achieve acceptance to her dream university, and mentored a 15-year-old entrepreneur working to raise money for a family who lost their home in a tragic fire. “I believe in giving back by mentoring young women to [help them] reach their potential and take on something bigger than themselves without knowing if they can succeed,” says White.

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