Sandy Ewing

SVP, Trust 3000
Location: Oaks, PA
Founded: 1968
Industry: Financial services

Sandy Ewing grew up on a small dairy farm in western Wisconsin, helping with household, barn and field chores. From an early age, she heard her mom say “if you’re going to do a job, do it well or not at all.” Over the years, this mantra has stuck with Ewing, and she still looks to it today as SVP of Trust 3000, a legacy platform business at SEI. During her five years in her role, Ewing has restructured relationship management and services, created a learning-based organizational structure and helped junior employees fulfill their potential through promotions, among other things. This is all part of her approach to leadership: “To be a good leader, you must commit yourself to leading and being a positive role model every day.” Ewing serves as a mentor for dozens of employees across the companies, and works to support SEI Women’s Network events.

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