Robert F. DeFinis

Robert Definis Philadelphia Reads

Executive Director
Philadelphia READS
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Industry: Nonprofit

Philadelphia READS is on a mission to “raise a city of readers,” and to realize that goal, executive director Robert F. DeFinis starts right at home with the nonprofit’s employees. “Our new corporate culture is one where we put our employees’ voices first,” says DeFinis. Philadelphia READS brings together diversity and collaboration to create a flourishing culture, where each employee brings a valued set of skills and has the autonomy to explore unique solutions. DeFinis says it has been key for the organization to realize that there are many ways to get the same job done, and each one is valid. This open approach to problem solving has created a collaborative workspace, where achieving goals with the support of leadership is top of mind. Employees at Philadelphia READS are also encouraged to make time for themselves, says DeFinis: “The senior team and board of directors understands that a flexible work schedule, supporting passion projects, team building, and a work-life-balance create the most value for any growing and sustainable organization.”


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