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Jim McDonald CEOReport CEOJim McDonald 

Jim McDonald, has started and run successful media companies for decades. Since the mid 90’s, Jim has been a media company president, publisher or CEO including at The New York Press, Philadelphia Weekly, Metro International, The Washington Examiner,, and other targeted magazine companies. Jim is an aggressive, enthusiastic advocate for the owners of small and mid-sized businesses, believing they are under assault by not only large national and international monopoly conglomerates but also by state and federal legislators who seem to have forgotten that small and mid-sized businesses are the backbone of our local, state and national economies. In his words, “Our focus will be on the success of our local business constituencies whom we will inform, connect and inspire”.


Editor In Chief

John Wilpers Editor in ChiefJohn Wilpers 

John Wilpers, partnered with Jim to start the Washington Examiner and also worked with Jim at Metro International. John has been a journalist since 1972, and has been editor in chief of newsrooms of all sizes, from 4 to 400 staffers. Since 2008, John has been Senior Director/USA of Innovation Media Consulting, helping media companies from Norway and Peru to South Africa, India, New York City and more transform from failing, print-focused operations to become successful, multi-media, multi-platform content- and revenue-generating machines. John, too, believes in the need to nurture small and mid-size businesses. But he believes the traditional media are not getting the job done. John will insure that CEO Report delivers targeted, useful, concise information in ways that make it easy for busy CEOs to absorb it quickly and act upon it to improve their businesses.



National Broadcast News Correspondent

Steve Lubetkin

Steve Lubetkin

Award-Winning multimedia journalist, NJ/PA editor for, podcast producer for, news director for

Steve is an award-winning multimedia journalist who is reporting radio and TV news stories, and anchoring TV interviews with business leaders.

Steve’s journalism background includes print and broadcast reporting for a number of NJ news organizations. Since 2015, he has been the NJ/PA editor for, a commercial real estate news website. His audio and video work has been honored by the Garden State Journalists Association including a 2017 first place award for broadcast radio news. He has also been recognized for audio and video by the New Jersey Chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists.

Steve also produces a daily radio news report for “Radio Jersey,” a streaming radio show on Since 1996, Steve has been the “CompuSchmooze” computer columnist for the Jewish Community Voice of Southern New Jersey.

Steve is co-author, with Toronto-based podcasting pioneer Donna Papacosta, of the book, The Business of Podcasting: How to Take Your Podcasting Passion from the Personal to the Professional.

You can email Steve at