Jeff SeidelJeff Seidel Unitd Packaging

President and CEO
United Packaging
Location: Bristol, PA
Industry: Packaging

United Packaging was founded in president and CEO Jeff Seidel’s basement, and since that day, the company has been a family endeavor. Seidel considers his employees to be family as well, and thinks of them as team members, working right beside him. Seidel avoids creating an overly corporate environment, and instead, comes in early and stays late, keeps his door wide open and says hi to every team member. He even brings his dog to work. All of these elements of his leadership style have created a tight-knit company that loves to celebrate together, and genuinely enjoys coming to work. United Packaging gives its employees the freedom to not only work flexible schedules when they need to, but also to explore their passions through initiatives like sustainability and philanthropy. For the last three years, the company has partnered with Bucks County Toys for Tots to provide packaging supplies, trucks for shipping and gifts for their program.


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