Drew Polin

Drew Polin OpDecision LLC

OpDecision LLC
Location: Marlton, NJ
Industry: Telecommunications

OpDecision LLC is a virtual company, and that structure comes with a unique company culture. Employees enjoy flexible schedules and project-based work that allow them to dive into new opportunities for learning and growing. That means if an employee wants to take the day off to play golf, they can do just that, so long as they meet their deadlines. Though the company is virtual and employees aren’t always in the same room together, president Drew Polin says he has worked to build an engaged team who share the same values. With that team in place, OpDecision works to keep everyone connected and involved, despite the physical distance. “The overall environment and culture at OpDecision is one full of complete honesty, respect and encouragement,” says Polin. “We each are committed to not only our own growth but to each other’s growth and to the overall success of the business.”


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