Corinne Bingham

Corrine Bingham


Grass Roots, Inc. / Signature Trees, Inc. / CB Property Solutions LLC
Location: Davidsonville, MD
Founded: 1976; 1991; 2015
Industry: Construction and real estate

Some of Corinne Bingham’s oldest memories are in the company her father founded, Grass Roots, Inc. Along with her sisters, Bingham would accompany her father to jobsites, and help in the office doing anything and everything. Though Bingham says she never planned to work in the family business, “today, I can’t think of doing anything but working with my dad.” Now, Bingham serves as president of Grass Roots, as well as Signature Trees, Inc. and CB Property Solutions LLC. “Although I am the head of each of the three companies, I try to show employees that I can get my hands dirty and work right alongside them,” says Bingham. Beyond the workplace, Bingham says her greatest leadership role is as a mom: “I try to set an example for my son, and teach him right from wrong.”

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