PHILADELPHIA, PA—A strong commitment to local expansion from one of the city’s marquee companies is cementing the credibility of Philadelphia as a realistic choice for businesses and other organizations considering relocation, according to according to the heavyweight panelists at last week’s CEO & Leadership Symposium hosted by the Jewish Federation of Philadelphia at the Ballroom at the Ben in Center City.

CEOReport TV was on location for the program and recorded exclusive interviews with panel organizers Brad Korman, co-CEO of Korman Communities and Jacob Reiter, president and CEO of Verde Capital, a private equity investment firm; and with panelists David Cohen, senior executive vice president of Comcast Corporation, Carl Dranoff, president of Dranoff Properties; and Meryl Levitz, president and CEO of VISIT Philadelphia.

You can watch the exclusive video interviews in the players below. Time code indexes (hh:mm:ss) indicate topic areas each executive discussed so you can easily move to the subjects of interest to you.


00:00:15 — Why did you put this group together?

00:01:00 — Korman explains what Jewish Federation Real Estate is about.

00:01:49 — Korman discusses the “extended stay” sector of the hospitality industry

00:02:53 — Technologies in the extended stay sector

00:03:51 — Reiter describes technology impact on the financial/investment sector

00:04:18 — The most important takeaways from the CEO & Leadership Symposium panel

00:06:36 — Tips for CEOS about best practices for running their businesses.



00:00:30 — How Comcast is positioning itself to take advantage of future technologies

00:01:34 — What technologies will we see in the home in the future?

00:03: 57 — Transformation of the office by technologies and how Comcast fits there

00:05:32 — How Comcast is addressing the “digital divide” between economically advantaged populations and economically disadvantaged communities where access to the Internet is less-widely available.

00:08:56 — What can Philadelphia do to improve its standing as a top-tier city attractive to business relocations and to better attract high quality employees for the companies that are here?

00:12:04 — Cohen describes his best practices for being an effective manager.



00:00:19 – Carl Dranoff describes the transformation of the Philadelphia commercial real estate landscape from stagnant to vibrant.

00:01:23 — Housing follows the jobs, especially in attracting Millennials to a city, Dranoff says.

00:02:33 — Affordable housing, or workforce housing, remains a difficult challenge for cities like Philadelphia.

00:03:43 — The most important technologies for developers to be thinking about

00:05:38 — Dranoff talks about his role pioneering real estate development in West Philadelphia, a market now rebranded as University City.

00:06:47 — Dranoff shares his management success secrets



00:00:16 — What are the biggest benefits of Philadelphia for a company thinking of locating here?

00:01:24 — Obstacles companies face moving to Philadelphia

00:02:19 — Does Comcast’s commitment to the city help encourage business development ?

00:03:54 — Specific technologies that would improve the story of Philadelphia

00:05:36 — What’s the right mix of cultural, social, historical, and sports attractions to make a city memorable?

00:07:50 — Management best practices Levitz employs in her own daily work