Recreational marijuana sales exceeded $2 million in the first five days, according to data released Tuesday by the state. According to state figures, Cultivate in Leicester and New England Treatment Access in Northampton sold a total of 56,380 marijuana products between Tuesday, Nov. 20, when sales began, and Sunday. … Read more at the Boston Business Journal.



Botkeeper Closes $18 Million Series A Round

Who wouldn’t support a startup that says it can automate laborious work—like closing the books at the end of the quarter, managing invoices or categorizing expenses? Botkeeper, a Boston-based bookkeeping service that currently helps nearly 1,000 companies, raised an $18 million Series A round. The latest investment brings the total raised by Botkeeper to $22.5 million. … Read more at American Innovation.



Red Hat Acquires Data Management Startup NooBaa

Red Hat is in the process of being acquired by IBM for a massive $34 billion, but that deal hasn’t closed yet and, in the meantime, Red Hat is still running independently and making its own acquisitions, too. As the company today announced, it has acquired Tel Aviv-based NooBaa, an early-stage startup that helps enterprises manage their data more easily and access their various data providers through a single API. … Read more at Tech Crunch.