Development projects across the city could reap the benefits of people in D.C. who would prefer to commute from Baltimore.

IS LIVING IN BALTIMORE, WORKING IN DC THE WAY TO GO? Although the inner suburbs of D.C. have skyrocketed in density and value over the last 20 years, enough people want honest city living without being able to afford rent in the District that they are turning to Baltimore. READ MORE AT BISNOW BALTIMORE

FOLLOWING THE MONEY: TEDCO recently announced investments from its seed fund in five startups, including three from Baltimore in a variety of industries. READ MORE AT TECHNICAL.LY/BALTIMORE

WORKING TOGETHER TO HELP SCIENCE STARTUPS: A pair of bio-oriented spaces in Baltimore are looking to provide extra help to scientists building companies out of discoveries, hoping to open up more access to lab and entrepreneurship resources. READ MORE AT TECHNICAL.LY/BALTIMORE

AMBITIOUS PLAN CLOSER TO REALITY: The Housing Authority of Baltimore City has recruited a group of private developers to assist in transforming a nearly 200-acre stretch of land between Harbor East and John Hopkins Hospital, with a plan to replace over 1,300 public housing units. READ MORE AT BISNOW BALTIMORE


Social media influencers have become key marketers for restaurants, more so than foodies who post the occasional photo of their dinner. Baltimore Magazine photo

AD-HOC FOOD WRITERS BOOSTING SCENE: Social media influencers have created an entirely new way of helping to market local businesses – not to be confused with foodies who occasionally post photographs of their meals for fun. READ MORE AT BALTIMORE MAGAZINE

WHAT GOES INTO PREPARATIONS FOR OPENING DAY? Sliders has experienced 11 Opening Days for the Baltimore Orioles, and has since learned to plan accordingly. The restaurant thoroughly cleans the restaurant and the building undergoes plumbing and electrical inspections. READ MORE AT BALTIMORE MAGAZINE

HOPE FOR BREWERS REMAINS: A bill to loosen regulations on Maryland brewers failed to escape a House Committee, but the same committee passed a measure establishing a task force to see if the comptroller’s office should maintain oversight of the state’s alcohol industry. READ MORE AT BALTIMORE FISHBOWL